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Upland Game

One of the many options we offer to our customers here at Mason Branch Hunting Preserve is released upland game. To many who are unfamiliar with this style of hunting, it could best be described as a guarantee that you will have many opportunities to shoot. Our release birds are bought as chicks and raised on location until they are mature enough to be suitable for hunting. We charge per bird that is ordered, and then we individually release each bird in strips of sorghum. We act as guides for our party of hunters, we use our best dogs, and we will even clean your birds for a little extra. We also offer gun rentals to our clientele if necessary, and we also offer combination hunts which allow you to mix and match any birds that you would like to hunt. Our season comes in Oct. 1st- Mar. 31st (see calendar).

Our birds are fed high quality feed from the time that we get them as chicks for optimal flight capability, and we use very little to no antibiotics in the process of raising them. We here at Mason Branch Farms wouldn’t feed anything to our customers that we wouldn’t eat ourselves.

All hunters must have an orange garment.


Three men smiling, sitting on their truck after a quail hunting trip

$8.00 per bird

NEW Discounted Prices:
25: NOW $180, was $200
50: NOW $360, was $400
75: NOW $540, was $600
100: NOW $700, was $800




$20.00 per bird



Two dogs searching for birds in a field

$12.00 per bird


2011 Season Combonation Deals:

5 pheasants
10 quail
NOW $160.00

3 chuckers
3 pheasants
25 quail
NOW $275.00

8 pheasant
40 quail
NOW $440.00

10 chuckers
25 quail
NOW $300.00