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These recipes are often used when cooking down on the farm.

Geese & ducks

Fall-Off-the-Bone Recipe

1 whole goose (cooked in crock pot or Roasting pan)

Season with:
Garlic salt
Cracked pepper
1 garlic clove
1 onion chopped
2 potatoes halved
Celery diced

For crock pot, set on high for 6 hours. Turn to med or low until goose meat falls off bone. For roasting pan, set temp to 315 for about 4 hours untill goose meat falls off bone. You can also add whole ducks into the roasting pan with geese.

Goose salad

1 whole goose cooked before hand in crockpot untill meat falls off bone

Take meat and sepperate from bone in strips like pulled pork

Let meat sit in fridge untill its cool

Mix in dukes mayo to preference

Add in:
a little bit of the crock pot juice
Horseradish mustard
1 onion diced
Celery diced
Carrot strips
Season-All to taste
Pepper to taste

Serve on a club cracker or potato roll

Goose Roll-Ups

2 goose breasts (cut in strips)

Marinate in any flavored sauce (teriyaki, soy, bbq) for about 8 hours

Wrap each strip in bacon cut to length

Grill untill bacon is sizzling

Goose Bourbon BBQ

Cut goose breasts into shavings

Heat butter and olive oil in large skillet or sauce pan on med-high heat

Add goose shavings

Add in:
Cracked Pepper
Add bourbon while sautéing

When meat is tender add in BBQsauce to the pan

Reduce heat to low and cover

Serve when sauce is thick. Best on potato rolls 


Tender Deer Steak

Marinate deer loin, roast, or back strap in soy sauce for a full 24 hours. Why, you ask? The salinity from the soy sauce acts as a natural tenderizer for lean gamey meat like deer.

Season meat generously with:
Cracked pepper
Garlic salt
Season-All, Old Bay or Montreal Steak Seasoning

Grill on high heat rotating often.

Slice meat periodically to check rareness. Serve to preference. (Best medium-rare.)

Shoulder Roast

Season generously with:
Cracked pepper
Garlic salt
Steak seasoning

*It is important to season it heavily and allow it time to sit overnight for at least a full 24 hours so the blood will be extracted.

Heat your coals on grill or pit so that the flames are burning.

Skewer the roast with two rotating pins to make flipping the shoulder easier.

As you begin rotating apply a basting of apple cider vinegar every time you turn the meat.

Best to cut off the meat as your cooking it and serve right off the grill, or cook through and cut the meat off the bone when fininshed

Quail, Pheasant & Chuckers

Deep-Fried Quail (the best way to eat a quail)

Cut quail in halves.

Prepare a sauce bowl with eggs and heavy cream.

Roll each half in the bowl of eggyolks.

Flour the halves in seasoned flour.

Use a skillet or deep frier with peanut oil for cooking.

Cook until golden brown and season to preference.

Best served with rice and chicken gravy.