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Picking services

We offer to all our hunters on-site bird picking for only a few dollars more. These same rates also apply for any hunters who bring us birds which have been shot of site as well. Remember that all geese brought to the picking house be tagged with the necessary information before hand.  

Gun rentals

Gun rentals are provided to all those who require the need to borrow a shotgun. We provide gun rentals for as low as $50 dollars extra.

Deer corn

We are now selling 60 lb. bags of deer corn for deer at $12 dollars a bag. These bags are available for pickup at anytime.


We are now offering catering for special events during our hunts. We can cook chicken beef or pork ahead of time before hunts. We can even do whole hogs on our country style cooker. Our catered hunts are perfect for company outings and big hunting parties. We only ask that you give us two weeks notice before booking these hunts to give you a fair price on the catering.